Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Problem with Knowing Exactly What You Want... FINDING exactly what you want! I have this problem all the time. I often have an idea in my head of what I want and that makes it nearly impossible to find what I want. (Or, sometimes I find it and it's WAY more than I want to spend. Bummer.)

Currently on my WANTed list... some cute business dresses! I have a ton in black, I want more colors and I definitely must get a gray one ASAP (they go great with colored tights - something I'm a big fan of right now).

Inspiration:The Pop-Watch Dress

(Preferably, NOT a $300 version. That's not in the budget right now.)
That address appears to live at, but their website is down for maintenance. If I could find one at a local boutique, that would be SWEET! If I could find one for a great deal, that would be double sweet.

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  1. I need more 'business' dresses too... this JCrew dress is really cute on, I've seen it!