Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Short and Sweet: I Heart PJs

I am a pajama, PJ, sleepwear, loungewear (whatever you want to call it) girl. In a big way.

Don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed on a daily basis. I just wish I could go instantly from one to the other. (Being able to snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and get what I want... now THAT would be my superpower of choice.)

These super cute black and pink plaid pajamas from Victoria's Secret were on my Christmas/birthday list. Nick's family got them for me... and I love them. (Thanks, Kay & Glenn!!!)

LOVE them.

So soft, so comfy. They shrink just a tad, so if you also want some and are on the fence about sizing, just know that. I received a XS set and with just a bit of shrinking, they still fit well, just not as "slouchy" as they were before. ["Slouchy" is a necessary characteristic of good PJ sets ;-)]

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