Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cute Boots

I saw these boots in Garden & Gun magazine this morning and came home and looked them up. Unfortunately, there is very little chance I will actually buy them now, because they honestly just made me work too hard for it. (Ignore the rest of the outfit picture below... I'm only talking about the boots in this post.)

: LeChameau

Style: the Iris 2 boot

: in gold (perfect for Mardi Gras, Vegas, and any New Orleans Saints fan at the moment ;-))

Link (although useless): http://lechameauusa.com/fashion/iris2

Why do I think the link to the product site is useless?
1. There's no pricing info (not even ranges). *Slaps forehead*.
2. You can't buy online there. (Shopify people! It's cheap, easy, and looks nice!)
3. Their list of retailers doesn't include any in my area. Boo :-(
4. The include Amazon.com as an online retailer, but no direct link. So I had to go to Amazon and then try and find them there... just to see how much they are compared to Hunter boots (since they look so similar).

So, in case you're looking for these boots in particular on Amazon, here is the direct link!

I would possibly consider paying $100.00 for these (if I couldn't find similar elsewhere for less, because I like the look of the gold with denim), but their other boots are $400.00. Now that, I wouldn't do.

PS - Sorry for the Negative Nancy post. I know a lot of retailers and brands come across my blog though, so it's important information nonetheless. And hey, in case you are looking for these boots, hopefully my direct link to them on Amazon have made it easy for you :-)

{Images: LeChameau and Amazon.com, respectively.}

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