Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Because You Asked...

...actually, Lisa S. and Ashton asked.

(But I do get this all the time.)

Jeans: Brands, Where to Buy, and Where to Get a Deal

1 - James Jeans. I usually get mine on sale at the Uniquities basement/attic sales or at Accessorize with Pi Phi. I will now also be replenishing from their outlet site I found out about right before Black Friday (they finally used my email address for something!). The prices were REALLY good on Black Friday (I'm talking $60.00), but they're still better than full retail even without the Black Friday pricing.

PS - I assume their outlet site is up all year, but right now the homepage still advertises pricing effective through 12/31/2009.... so we'll have to see where this one goes.

I've blogged about them several times.

2 - Rock Revival. From Bevello. I've also blogged about these. They are fantastic - a little stretchier than James, but still a great fit from both.

3 - I also have a pair of Citizens that I really like. Just one pair, though. For now. ;-)

4 - I would one day love to own a pair of Raleigh Denim customs.


  1. I never buy designer jeans because I'm so cheap.... but Armon has convinced me I need one good pair. Thanks for the links! ;)

  2. I never buy them at full retail!! Sale is definitely the way to go :-)