Monday, June 23, 2008

Get Your Tailgates Ready...

From Swagger's "Manic Monday" blog special (where every Monday - and other random days in between - you can snag special blog only savings for the store or on the website!):Chill in Style
You've got your monogrammed koozie, your beverages of choice, and that boring old ice chest that in the past has been known as the cooler. Boo to that.

Any totally coordinated tailgater like myself knows that monogrammed coolers are the perfect complement to any day on the boat, lunch by the pool, or (the fall sport we're all so anxiously awaiting) football tailgate! (For now, I think I can settle for the classic American sport that still allows you to bring your own snacks and brews in to the stands: NASCAR. For those of you who think I'm crazy for uttering those words... just google pictures of the adorable Casey Kahne or Carl Edwards... you'll be at the next race within three states to try and catch a climpse of these racecar hotties! Anyways - I digress.)

Stop by Swagger today between 10am and 6pm and get your monogrammed cooler in an array of colors (NC State Red for this Wolfpack girl!) with your initials, your family name, or your sorority's name embroidered across the front so that any WOW-ed fellow tailgaters will know who to ask for when looking for recommendations for storing their next chilled beverages. For today's blog special, you'll also save 15% by printing this blog or mentioning it in the store for those of you going green!

Definitely add Swagger's feed to your daily read list. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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