Friday, June 27, 2008

I LOVE Shopping for a Cause

As any NC Delta Pi Phi will tell you, shopping for a cause is something very near and dear to all of our hearts (see: Accessorize with Pi Phi).

Naturally, I was VERY excited to see today's email from Lisa at Scout & Molly's and am thrilled to pass along the following info:Surprise Sale!
Happy summer to ya!
So, it’s after midnight and i’m still at the store…
i am wrapping up some late night paper work and i think i must be getting a little slap happy…

i have decided to have an impromptu sale / fundraiser
starting when doors open today thru sunday at 5pm
if you make a donation to either
the leukemia / lymphoma society
the national ms society
i will give you 20% off your purchase at both scout & molly’s of raleigh and walk, a scout & molly’s shoetique.

the donation can be made for any amount.
whatever makes your heart feel good!

make a difference in someones life and get a great deal on our fab clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags and more!

feel free to pass this along….the more money we raise for these two foundations the better!


sale exludes already reduced merchandise
sale is for specified dates only
please bring cash or check to make your donations
So there you have it - I don't think you can ask for a better reason to hit up Scout & Molly's this weekend for a little shopping!

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