Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heads Up Raleigh Girls!

These two emails have come my way since yesterday afternoon - LOTS of great news for anyone looking to do some shopping at North Hills this week or this upcoming weekend! Big Sale at Uniquities Mix!
Designer markdowns up to 60% off!

Scout & Molly's Teams Up with Cravings!
Straight from the words of Scout & Molly's owner, Lisa Disbrow: "So, in the spirit of 'Scout & Molly’s and Cravings both having a ton of really cute stuff for people who are or who are not pregnant', we are starting a buddy pass program for the rest of June and all of July.
If you spend $250 or more in Cravings or Scout & Molly’s you will get a 20% discount at the other store. You can keep the pass for yourself or you can give it to a friend to use. If you’re prego and want to give your Scout & Molly’s discount to a non pregger friend you can and if you’re not prego and want to give your Cravings discount to a friend who is expecting you can do that too!So come in and take advantage ~ Two cute stores with tons of stylish clothes for you to choose from!Oh, and if you are pregnant and get the coupon at Cravings for Scout & Molly’s you can also use it at our shoetique Walk. Shoes always fit, right?!
Enjoy and cheers to those who are expecting and cheers to those of us who aren’t as well! ~ Lisa"Enjoy - and be sure to let me know if you snag any killer deals at Uniquities or find anything at Cravings that's going to get added to your wardrobe (maternity or not) just because it looks good!

June 12th Update: In honor of father's everywhere, the same goes for NV mens boutique, with shopping rewards starting at just $150!

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