Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have recently gotten back into tights in a big way. My favorite thing about them (and you'll see this in the comments on the blog post I'm about to share) is that they make it a lot easier to keep the full wardrobe in heavy rotation even during this chilly weather!

The IndieNC blog did a great feature yesterday - Trend: Tights - with some great examples of my personal theory on tights (keep reading below). Many thanks to Mandy for sharing that blog with me!

I found a great two pack of Betsey Johnson tights on sale at Marshall's for approximately $9.00 (or something to that extent) a few weeks ago and have gotten so many compliments on the solid gray and black argyle choices. For those of you unfamiliar with Betsey Johnson's wild style, take a look, you'll quickly see that Marshall's provided me with a STEAL on those tights.

The reason I can totally do Betsey Johnson accessories is because I pair them with a solid color dress, top, coat, etc. You get the picture... not overwhelmingly "wild child", but enough to be fun.

I'll have to be sure to take pictures next time I wear them and follow up.

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