Monday, November 24, 2008


Great Monday morning email from Mary Phillips Designs:

Buy six koozies, get a free set of drinking glasses!
Insert "woo girl" cheers here!

PS - Who else watches How I Met Your Mother? My boyfriend picked on me and my girlfriends all episode long during last week's Woo Girls episode.

Watch it - it's HILARIOUS!


  1. I just watched that epidone last night! It was hilarious!

  2. Love the koozies and love HIMYM! Barnes and Noble actually has a book called The Bro Code featuring all of Barney's rules.

  3. ooooooooooooo WOOO! girls rock.
    My girlfriends and I were total woooo girls this past weekend and I've actually sent that episode to all my married friends to watch just so that they have a bit of a better understanding of how it is to still be single me with all my married friends.

  4. As a closeted woo girl, I saw that koozie and did a quiet "wooo!" in my head! :-) I loved Robin's impassioned speech on why woo girls are. Tsk tsk. So true!

  5. heehee...i saw that episode and LOVED it. Woo Girls. too funny