Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Like Wine?

Oh really?

Well then you are going to LOVE Swagger's facebook giveaway this week.

Mandy is offering up a set of four super trendy stemless wine glasses (an awesome gift for your klutzy friends who have broken their share of glassware) and best part about them... they're monogrammed! *Woooh!* (Big shout out to all my HIMYM fans who commented all over my previous "Wooh girl" post.)

Ok, back to the giveaway.
Here's where you can find the stemless glasses on Swagger's website if you just can't wait (or if you're ready to grab a few sets for holiday gifts), but here is the link to Swagger's facebook page where you can become a fan so you'll get an update every Friday when a new giveaway goes up and you can also comment on the photo to be entered to win!

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