Friday, November 21, 2008

Lisa S. Random Question of the Week

This is turning into a lot of fun. Race-attire was a good start.

Today - black tie affairs and the men who live for shorts and tees year-round. (Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, huh?)
Lisa S.: Lisa S.'s random question of the week...

What do you do to convince a man, to attend a black tie, that doesn't wear suits, oh... Ever? It's his brothers 30th birthday, I told him he could wear a normal tie, not bow tie

Lisa J.: I have two "bribes" - a snazzy bow tie from Southern Proper, Vineyard Vines, or Bird Dog Bay; or open bar :-)

Lisa S.: Either that or his Dad and I will hood wrangle him
Ya do what ya gotta do!

If you opt for the tie over the hood wrangle, Vineyard Vines sent out an update from their facebook page (Thank you for knowing what you're doing!) yesterday for their friends and family discount... good through next Tuesday (now that's a fair amount of time!).Happy holiday-ing!

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