Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter Weather Accessories Report from Cary Magazine

What's not to love about a print magazine that's jumping right in to the social media and viral video world? (Especially when they're sharing such fabulous and easy to achieve style tips?!)

Check out this month's Shopping Fix from Cary Magazine and be sure to sign up for their email newsletter (don't worry - they don't bombard you 17 times a week like a bunch of retail friends have been lately).Fashion Flash: Winter Weather Wear
from Cary Magazine

Fashion Flash: Winter Weather Wear from S&A Cherokee on Vimeo..
PS - Internet bragging rights to the local readers who can figure out where it is that they recognize Heather Green's voice from!

PS #2 - Get the buying scoop and more info (plus comments) on this video and all the great finds at

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