Monday, May 12, 2008


The N&O has this special advertising section on the back of the Life, etc. section - "Essentials" - that is home to a really cute display of advertising of (you guessed it) essentials from lots of local retailers.

I rarely actually read the physical paper (yay for online editions and RSS feeds) because of all the awful news that can put me in such a sour mood... but a few of the advertisers caught my eye. I really liked seeing some of cute options that I would have thought could only be found in Raleigh/Charlotte/Wilmington can be found in smaller towns like Tarboro and Wilson.

I'll add the actual ad pictures once the N&O's portion of their site dedicated to their print ads decides it wants to behave. It won't load at the moment... grrrr.

So here's a few of those businesses for my traveling and business girls who don't stay in one place all the time! The Wild Hare
Ladies' Apparel & Accessories
412 Main Street
Downtown Tarboro
(No website turned up in a google search... how sad!)

belle & co
Wilson's Trendsetting Boutique
The Shoppes at Brentwood
2801 Ward Blvd, Ste 3A
After checking out the website for the above mentioned belle & co, it's clear that it's totally home-grown, but I LOVE an enterprising DIY girl! I think I'll dedicate an entire post to belle & co after this one!

And back in Raleigh - I never knew you could shop online with Nowell's (our local Vineyard Vines menswear retailer)! I guess I'm not big on menswear though. I clicked through and took a look... it's actually QUITE impressive.

1632 N. Market Drive (near the Kanki off of Wake Forest Road!)

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