Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Blurb from my Other Blog...

There's nothing more appropriate in a southern girl's wardrobe than denim and pearls.


Before any of the "Huh? Don't you mean seersucker/dresses/Lilly/etc." questions begin I will tell you all that while yes, all of those are important, they're a lot easier to master. BE HONEST. Dresses come in all sorts of necklines, cuts, colors, patterns, etc. But the perfect pair of jeans, now that my friends, is true happiness.

I myself happen to be a James Jeans faithful - I have yet to find any other brand to fit or flatter my shape and size any better. I can totally be persuaded to give local - YES LOCAL - designer Amy Stephenson a try though!

Check it, from today's blog entry about the following quote from Triangle East Magazine: " by Uniquities in Cameron Village or North Hills and buy a pair of high fashion jeans, designed by Johnston County's own Amy Stephenson. Her jeans are named after N.C. places, and they are super cute."Can't wait! I wonder just which NC place my soon to be favorite pair of jeans will be named after!

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