Friday, May 16, 2008

Every Girl Loves...

...the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!!

Which, by the way (as a friendly reminder), started today :-)

No pushing and shoving... remember to play nice girls!

Bras: 25-50% off - over 100 styles
Clearance: bras $12.99 and up, panties $3.99 and up
Bonus: Free shipping on orders $100 and up - use code SEMISALE at checkout!
PS: Up to 50% off on clothes too with the Semi-Annual Clothing Sale... I think I even saw a swimwear category!

With the free shipping, it sounds like online will be the way to go for best selection rather than fighting the crowds and mess at the mall. (Cameron Village has always been my favorite over any mall location because it's selection is less picked through and has WAY less traffic!)

1 comment:

  1. This makes my day.

    Adding on more thing to the do-to list for the weekend. :-)