Monday, May 26, 2008

I Got My Body Pillow Cover!

For those of you who have been privvy to my random "hey, I need to glance through the bedding section really quick" shopping moments... I've been on a hunt. A hunt for a pillow case for the random body pillow that Nick brought home a while back that only had one lone "wine" color pillow case. (I can only guess, since it wasn't a new pillow, that it came home from his family's beach house with us? I really don't know.)

Point being - I hate for things to not look - ... well... I guess "coordinated" is the right word. It doesn't have to match per se, but it does have to look put together. So he's the sitch - the walls of our bedroom are purple (clearly my choice), our furniture (bed included) are "espresso" (super dark), and up until Joey's dog Sweetie decided to eat my down comforter, the comforter was white. The linens are usually striped gold. They're Dreamfit and they are fabulous. (More on that to come). Oh wait - so post-Sweetie - I found a seersucker down comforter!! So it wasn't a perfect match for my room, but I couldn't pass it up.

So I have a espresso bed, seersucker comforter, light cream pillow shams, a brown decorative pillow, and... a wine body pillow? Gah.

So long story short: on a wander through the home section in Target there it was... an end-of-aisle display with lots of solid and polka dot choices. (Many of which were sold out for at least two different trips including of course, the one I set my eyes on: navy.) And you know what? Trying to find body pillow covers in anything other than white or brown doesn't happen online.

But I'm persistent and I now have a navy blue body pillow cover which looks great.

The End.

PS - I know it's hard to see the navy pillow behind the cream-colored pillows, but that's the point. It looks great with the seersucker and doesn't pop-out from behind! Annnd, you'll have to forgive the tired Tank at the bottom of the bed - he spent all day running around his "grandma and grandpa"'s house and said he wasn't budging for a picture.


  1. You HAVE to see DreamFit's new top of the bed program. I'm working on bringing it in...

    I LOVE their sheets. So much, that it is my new favorite gift to give. Because who hasn't woken up with their fitted sheet over their head like a hat?

  2. Which reminds me - I need to do my blog post on my DreamFit sheets (thank you Miss Fred's Beds for bringing them into your store in time for me to get them as a Christmas gift a few years ago :-))... Bob Pierce totally made my day!