Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ebates, eh?

So I wandered over to Barefoot in the Park in my RSS feed yesterday and caught her post on Ebates.

How have I missed out on this cool little service? Basically, you shop through Ebates - they get a commission on what you purchase - and they split it with you. Plain and simple. (They even tell you up from how much %-age-wise what the commission is!)

There's a bunch of choices in each category (apparel, electronics, pet supplies, etc.) and bonus for my little household... Nascar.com is included. (I mean shoot, if the BF is going to keep buying enough Nascar stuff to keep the entire industry afloat... shouldn't we enjoy a little kick-back along the way? ;-))

I was hooked when the "daily double" was double the rebate from RalphLauren.com - WHOO!!

Here are some of the features mentioned in my welcome email after joining:
Take full advantage of your Ebates membership with these top navigation tips:

Search - Find popular Stores and top Products quickly

All Stores - See all 800+ Stores at Ebates.

Coupons & Specials - Browse hundreds of great Coupons and Deals—updated daily!

Favorite Stores - Save and quickly access your Favorite Stores.

Saved Coupons - Save Hot Coupons and utilize reminders so you don't miss out!

Customer Care - Contact Ebates anytime with your questions or feedback.
So join up with me - we both get a $5.00 account credit when you use this referral link to join... nice!

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