Monday, May 12, 2008

Wilson, NC's Own Belle & Co.

I stumbled upon belle & co after looking at this morning's N&O (see my post about this) and noticed that you can, in fact, find Jack Rogers sandals and cute handbags outside of Raleigh!

I visited the website (with a black and white damask print background... one of my FAVORITE prints right now), which looks to be the creative efforts of the shop owner herself.

I am always VERY impressed when I see others take these important (but sometimes oh-so-pricey) marketing utilities into their own hands (a enterprising business girl after my own heart)!

Here's the story behind belle & co from their website, I can't wait to one day stop on my way through Wilson to check the boutique out in person! "Belle's boutique opened April 24th of 2004 thanks to the hard work and dedication of the owner, Steadman Lanier.

Steadman decided to start her own business after finishing her MBA at East Carolina University. She and her husband moved back to her home town of Wilson, NC where to her family's dismay, she decided to open a clothing store.

She was convinced that though they live in a small town, people still enjoyed the latest fashion trends... Which is exactly what you will get at Belle's along with so much more. Steadman is devoted to making sure all of her customers leave happy. You will find her there most anytime and if you are lucky, you might even spot her precious cocker spaniels, Bud & Belle!
I'm also a big fan of shop owners who let their pups accompany them to work. Delta and Tank love hanging out with me all day, too.

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  1. Lisa, I googled Jack Rodgers sandals NC and got you. Haha.